Watching A Human Say Goodbye To His Best Friend Will Leave You In A Lake Of Tears

One of the saddest things a pet owner could possibly go through is making the difficult decision to put a very sick companion down. A pet can change a person’s whole outlook on life, and that’s what Oden did for Jason Wood. This pup, who had a tough battle with cancer, showed Wood that it was alright to be a softie sometimes – that it’s alright to show his feelings.

So he shared the story of his journey to the end with his pup, and it’s the saddest, most heart-wrenching thing to watch. It’s also incredibly touching to see such a strong bond between man and canine.

It’s so sad, but Oden was very sick and in a lot of pain. He lived a full life with his loving owner, and I’m happy to have known their story.


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  1. Rio Rita

    So sad and I know how he feels. I have gone through this so many times but i love dogs and cats. Have had 8 dogs and many cats and it is always heart breaking to say good by.

  2. AbbyandSadiesMom

    I cried my eyes out while watching this video. Our beloved German Shepherd, Grizzly Bear, was in excruciating pain and the decision was made to bring him to the vet the following day; however, Griz had other ideas. That evening, my brother put Griz’s favorite quilt on the futon and laid Griz on it. He then put his sleeping bag on the floor and slept like that all night stroking Griz’s fur while telling him how much he loved him and if it was his time to go, that was OK. His love would never end. Sometime during the night, Grizzly Bear passed peacefully in his sleep. That was ten years ago and the pain is still there, but we are always thankful that Griz decided to cross over on his own terms. R.I.P sweet Odin. Hope you see Grizzly Bear when you cross the Rainbow Bridge.

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