Watching These Homeless Dogs Get A Second Chance Is Why We Do What We Do

There are thousands of homeless dogs living all over the United States. These abandoned, often previously abused sweethearts struggle every day to survive without a family who loves them or a safe home to call their own.

It can be overwhelming, thinking of how to help these poor babies. But the truth is, it just takes a little organization and a whole lot of heart.

In the clip below, two organizations who dedicate their efforts to seeking out these dogs in need came together to offer them a second chance. Hope for Paws and ASPCA make it a point to find homeless, forgotten dogs wandering the street. They rescue these vulnerable pups and provide them with medicated baths, haircuts and human kindness before helping coordinate their transfer to a shelter.

So beautiful. Grab your tissues, folks!

Such inspiring work, isn’t it? One day, these dogs are wandering, afraid and alone on the dangerous streets of our cities. The next, they’re given a chance to start over. Truly moving stuff. What did you think of their transformations?

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  1. Pam Hall Lange

    What a happy ending, to a sad situation. All of these organizations are doing the best they can. Please adopt or foster if you can!!

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