Watching These Two Unlikely Pals Grow Up Together Gave Me The Warm And Fuzzies

Do you ever wish that you and your best friend could replay all of your memories? Technically, they’ll live forever in your hearts, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to watch a lifetime of loving moments on repeat? If only you had someone following you around with a camera all those years…or is that creepy?

Luckily, for Lemon the cat and Honey the great dane, their people parents did just that. From the moment they met at eight weeks old, all the way to four years old, these two grew so much together. They were pretty much inseparable despite their size difference…

Lemon sadly passed back in 2009…

Clearly, Lemon will be missed in this family, especially by a certain long-legged pup. At least the years they spent together were truly wonderful!

Whoever said cats and dogs couldn’t be friends obviously didn’t know these two.

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