Watching This Samoyed Dog Review Different Types of Food Is Incredibly Relaxing

Maya the Samoyed may just be the new Gordon Ramsey, just far cuter. From lettuce to cucumber Maya tries a selection of foods and gives her food ratings. Her human says that she reviewed foods as being safe for dogs and were checked on the American Kennel Club website beforehand.

As with all foods fed to dogs, please feed them in moderation and first try a small amount if you’ve never given them to your dog before (not every dog can digest every food)! Citrus fruits in particular can be hard on their tummies as they are acidic. (But Maya is only given a very small piece.)

I couldn’t help but laugh at her review of carrots and cucumbers. But my favorite is lettuce.

The video says Maya is an ASMR dog. For those wondering ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It’s a pretty common phenomenon that many people experience without even realizing it.

If you have ever felt a calming tingling sensation across your scalp, ears or down the back of your neck then then you are experiencing ASMR.

There are a number of videos now labeled as ASMR such as: listening to a person whisper, or watching someone attentively execute a mundane task such as preparing food, or watching someone crunching, slurping or biting foods.

The videos are meant to relax the viewer and put them in a happy, calm mood. Watching Maya reviewing the foods certainly is relaxing and cute.

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