Weird Things Were Happening At This Shelter At Night. When They Setup A Camera What They Caught Was Amazing!

Strange things were happening at Battersea Dogs & Cats animal shelter and the staff couldn’t figure out just what was going on. Almost every night after closing, the kennel doors in one of the dog areas were getting opened, allowing all of the dogs to come out and eat all of the food in the kitchen. After several nights of this happening, the staff got a stern talking to from management with heavy reminders to make sure the kennels were properly latched. When the dogs were still getting loose, they thought maybe someone was playing a joke on them so they decided to set up some cameras. Well, someone was playing a joke on them but it wasn’t anyone they expected! It was Red – an adorable lurcher who had learned how to open his kennel as well as everyone else’s! Red would get out first, eat his share of food, and let out all his friends!

Although these pups were certainly having a wonderful time running around together, it was shortly brought to an end. Fortunately, it wasn’t just because the shelter staff started securing Red’s kennel so he couldn’t escape…but because Red was adopted into a forever home!

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