What happened to Teddy? Surrendered pup has long road ahead

At the SPCA of Wake County in North Carolina, Terry arrived over the weekend in terrible shape. He was transferred into their care from one of the local partner shelters where he had been surrendered by his owner. Teddy has been receiving urgent life saving care and attention and has a long road ahead of him until he recovers.

Thus far, there has not been much information shared about the circumstances culminating in Teddy’s alarming condition, but officials are working with animal control to learn more about this troubling situation.

Meanwhile, it’s all about Teddy, and he is already eagerly eating as if there isn’t enough food in the world to fill his stomach. Of course, his diet and intake are being closely monitored, and he is being fed only a small amount of food at a time to accustom his stomach to eating and digesting food again.

The staff already loves him as he is “wagging his little nub away at all the love and affection he’s getting from our team.”

In addition to being emaciated, Teddy also has heartworm disease and will require treatment and continuous support for the long journey ahead of him.

Teddy will be going into foster care with one of the SPCA of Wake County staff members where he will be receiving close monitoring and some “much-needed spoiling.”

Our ability to care for pets like Teddy relies entirely on donations and community support, so if you are able to help, please consider making a gift through the donate button below — or on our website at spcawake.org/donate. Every dollar helps. Let’s show this boy what love really means and help him put these worst days behind him


Get well soon Teddy, and thanks everyone for helping him. Updates to follow.

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