What If Your Dog Could Text? They Might Say This… And It Is HILARIOUS

Can you imagine what it would be like if our dogs could text us? I bet it would be a riot! I know my dogs would text me nonstop! Hey mom, we’re out of jerkies, buy some. Hey mom, Peabee pooped in the living room again! Hey mom, Maxi took my favorite toy!! Hey mom…mommmmmmmm!!

Wouldn’t it be cool if they could? Imagine them sending us selfies; telling us what we can expect when we get back home; blaming the other pet – most probably the cat, if you have one haha! What do you think your dog would text you? Would your dog be like Bear, too? I know my 2 would be exactly like him! Hmmm, I wonder if my cellphone plan covers my dogs??

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