What It’s Like To Abandon A Pet. Everyone Should See This If They Are Considering Adoption!

While this video can literally break your heart, it demonstrates a very good point! Bringing a pet into your home and making him or her a part of your family, is not a temporary thing. Would you do this to a child? Absolutely not! So, why to an animal? The short film shows an adorable redheaded girl being adopted into a family. She is loved and the family is happy to have her. That is, until she starts misbehaving and becoming a bit of a pest (in their eyes). Instead of working on the problem and behaviors, the family takes the cruelest way out. They just abandon her. They leave her like she’s worth nothing.

Animals depend on us just like a child would. Never adopt and think that it isn’t forever. Bringing an animal into your home is the greatest gift. Never let it go.

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