What One Soldier Was Willing To Do For His Life-Saving Dog Will Leave You In Tears

St. Louis, Missouri veteran James Capararo served as a Navy foreman in two tours to the Middle East and Afghanistan. Like so many servicemen and women, his experiences overseas resulted in a long battle with post-traumatic stress disorder when he returned.

The disorder, which effects over 5 million people each year, can lead those suffering to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. After suffering through many dark days alone, Capararo found a saving grace: his beautiful service dog, Bianca.

Today, the two are best friends, James even describes her as his “baby.” She’s helped him with the continuing day-to-day struggles with PTSD. But, now she’s the one who needs help battling her own illness.

Bianca suffers from a tumor on her brain stem. Sadly, the treatment she needs doesn’t come cheap.


Though the military does offer to pay for treatment for service dogs, they don’t provide that assistance for PTSD therapy dogs like Bianca.


So instead of losing hope, James established a Go Fund Me page to raise money the pup desperately needed.


Veteran Affairs is looking into ways they can change their position on providing assistance to PTSD service dogs, but Bianca doesn’t have the time to wait for that red tape.

Capararo’s funding page exceeded its goal, thanks to the kindness of strangers looking to save Bianca’s life.

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