What They Found Under This Rescued Dog’s Fur Blew Us Away

While filming “Operation Houston #StrayDogCity,” Melanie and Eliot Smith, founders of Blue Guardian Rescue, were called to try and trap an injured and matted poodle that had been running free in a neighborhood for over six months.

Even when her puppies had been trapped, the poodle who was given the name Tootsie, had evaded capture. Her puppies were placed in forever homes, while she remained elusive.

The Smiths started Blue Guardian Rescue to help improve the lives of homeless dogs in Houston, Texas. They are the “go to” team when a stray dog is spotted in Houston.

It look the Smiths a bit to find her, as she covered a fairly large area. As soon as they did spot Tootsie, they set the trap near where they had seen her.

“Find a nice calm area, set the trap, and bait it,” explains Eliot.

But Tootie’s wasn’t going to come easily – she went in the trap, but as soon as the door started to close – she sprinted out.

“Sometimes if they get really erractic, you have to give them space and let them calm down,”says Eliot.

Finally, Eliot was able to net her and then put her in the trap.

Though clearly scared at first, she calmed right down, as if she knew she was being saved.

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