What This Dog Did When It Started To Rain Had His Owners Laughing Hard

Hahaha! This dog is just the silliest and funniest I’ve ever seen! He just can’t get enough of the rain! It’s so funny how he would try to bite the raindrops and make those funny noises – he sounded like those old manual typewriter to me, what do you think?

Hey silly, did you drink enough raindrops? Looks like you’re having a ball! Wish I could join you too and maybe we can both dance in the rain. Wouldn’t it be cool if your human taught you how to sing and dance too? I can already see us doing a song and dance number, “Singing in the Rain!” Oh okay, I’m getting carried away here but I can’t help it, you’re just too cute and funny! ^_^


Aren’t dogs so adorable, silly to boot and super lovable too? The things they do always manage to crack me up big time and they really make my day brighter! Share this and make someone’s day, I’m sure they’ll LOL too! ^_^

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