What This Dog Does When He Gets His Ball Stuck Shows More Patience Than Most People We Know

How patient is your dog? While most dogs don’t really have the patience to even sit down and wait for the treat to be given to them, some dogs have the patience of a saint. These patient dogs can wait, and they even tolerate their human’s strange shenanigans. Just like these three dogs who have the patience to say grace before chowing down their food!

The dog in the video below is one patient doggy. He got his ball stuck in between a wall and a door. So what does he do? Well, all he did was lay on the floor, stare at his ball, and patiently wait for it to get unstuck! Unbelievable! Some dogs would go right ahead and try to take the ball any way they could. But not this one! Take a look at the video below!

[iframe id=”https://rumble.com/embed/vb7zx/”]

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