What This Mom Gets When She Gets Home Is EXACTLY Why We Love Our Pups

Hey, stop stepping on my sunbeam, bozo! That’s…OMG! Is that mommy’s voice? It is! It’s mom, there she is! Mom’s back home, yippeeee!! Oh mom, we missed you! Daaaaaaad! Oh you’re still in the car…later!

We missed your love, hugs and daily kisses for us and we miss kissing and hugging you too! We can’t wait to go walking with you and just chillin’ here in the house. We just can’t wait to be with you and dad, we truly missed you both. You know, things just aren’t the same when both of you are gone and we weren’t really sure when you’ll be back but now that you are, we just want to show you just how much we’ve missed you guys!!!

[iframe id=”https://rumble.com/embed/u762o.vbi8w/”]

These two Golden Retrievers sure love their folks so much. Did you see how they lavished their mom with hugs and kisses? Okay, jumps too but they’re excited to see her! Share this sweet vid with the others, I’m sure this will brighten up their day, too!

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