What’s The Best Cure For Those Winter Blues? These Summery Pups!

Although it’s 75 degrees and sunny in Los Angeles right now, for most of the country, early February means one thing: Brrrrrr.

It’s easy to fall down the wintertime rabbit hole around this time of year, shivering and sulking and forgetting what the sunshine feels like all together. For dog owners, this often means shorter walks, less outside playtime and restless pups.

Enter: this relaxed pair of Golden Retriever siblings, Lucky and Daisy, lounging in a pool, not a care in the world…not a snowflake in sight!

The video features two beautiful (literally hot) dogs lazily floating along in the sunshine, barely able to keep their eyes open. It’s clear their human is interrupting naptime, but his intrusion makes it that much funnier!

East Coasters…be honest…how much do you wish you could switch places with these pups?

Check out the hilarious (not to mention ADORABLE) video below:

All these cutie pies are missing is a few fruity drinks and some mini umbrellas. There’s just something so entertaining about dogs in a pool. Does your pup enjoy the water? Or do they prefer a shady nook when the heat strikes? Share below!

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