When An Abused Dog Is Pet For The First Time, It Will Break Your Heart

When a dog is abused for most of its life, it leads to a lot of trauma. There are obvious physical scars that people can see, touch, and heal, but under all of that are the emotional and psychological scars that none of us can understand. So when you see a seemingly healthy dog at a shelter shaking and avoiding eye contact or touch with a human, it can be hard to comprehend.

This dog was abused for its whole life. Once she was rescued, she had a difficult time understanding what a loving touch was, so when she is stroked for the first time, she has a heartbreaking reaction.


Thankfully this pup was saved from the abusive owner, but other dogs are not so lucky.

What’s incredible is how resilient dog are — after all that mistreatment, she still learns to trust, love, and be playful again!

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