When He Was Found They Said He’d Never Walk — Now, It Looks Like There’s Hope!

Earlier this year, animal control in Chicago answered the call for a pup found in a dumpster. If the fact that he was tossed aside like trash wasn’t enough, the poor eight-month-old Pit Bull also suffered from a bad back injury. Someone had clearly abused him using blunt force trauma. It’s horrifying to imagine.

But the little guy’s luck changed when the folks from Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue heard about his case. Now going by Josh, they brought the cutie to a veterinarian to see if there was any hope for his hind legs. Sadly, they were told that surgery wouldn’t be able to help him walk again.

After getting some much-needed rest, he was taken in by foster mom Erin Kowalski. As the founder of Bialy’s Wellness Foundation, an organization that aids special needs animals, the two made a perfect fit.


Both organizations are now working together, intent on helping Josh have the happiest, healthiest life possible.


He receives regular sessions of physical therapy, laser therapy, hydrotherapy, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation, acupuncture, and daily massages from Kowalski, a trained canine masseuse.


He also has his own set of hot wheels, but he only spends a few hours a day strapped in.


More of his time is spent rocking this outfit, known as a “scoot suit,” that allows him to get around without harming his skin.


After just a few months of therapy, he has already gained a lot of strength back, and has even shown signs of voluntary movement in his hind legs.


This tough guy clearly isn’t giving up without a fight.


Unfortunately, the financial aspects of his many therapies do add up…


On average, his basic monthly care comes to about $1,400.


Donations and discounts from friendly businesses help. They all hope that he will someday be able to walk again.


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