When Her Owners Leave, This Beagle Gets To Work – Wait Till You See What She Gets Into!

Dogs are incredibly smart creatures. We’ve seen them do amazing tricks. There was even that one dog who’s said to be the smartest dog in the world because of his amazing routine! And let’s not forget that adorable Pit Bull named CZR, who was taught the meaning behind the words YES and NO, and nods his head yes or no when his owner asks him a question.

Now this Beagle is so clever that she found a way to reach the food placed inside an oven on top of the kitchen counter. Her name is Lucy. Every time her owners leave her home, Lucy always gets into some trouble. They found Lucy’s paw prints on the kitchen counter and they were curious how Lucy managed to move the chair and climb on top of the kitchen counter. So they set up a video camera to find out. Watch the video below and see Lucy in action!

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