When Mom Asks Who Made The Mess, This Dog Is Totally Busted

You know how it is when there are more than one dog in a household, all young and full of mischief. There will always be one of them who will go overboard one day and make a mess of the house, thinking the others won’t tell on him when their folks get home from work. Too bad for Matt, he sure is out of luck with Cody and Murphy. Those two tattle tales got scared as soon as mom got in and called all three of them to ask who made the mess. They quickly ratted out Matt – I’m sure he wanted to strangle them both, haha!

Matt tried his best to make a swift and graceful exit as soon as his mom asked him if he made the mess but of course, the guilty look on his face only confirmed the obvious. Oh dear, I do hope he won’t be in the doghouse, tonight!

Dogs are so cute and sweet that they can never really tell a lie. Their faces give them away because they can’t help but look guilty as soon as they are confronted with their deed. Share this hilarious video with other dog lovers, this is sure to crack them up big time!!

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