When One Momma Dog Saw A Forest Fire Approaching She Did Something Incredible

They say a mother will do anything to protect her children. The same goes for non-human moms, too…

When a forest fire raged through the city of Valparaíso, Chile, a mother dog was not about to wait for humans to come to the rescue. No, this momma pup took matters into her own paws and used that noodle her momma gave her to save her litter of very young pooches.

This is what they were up against.


Momma, now named Blackie, saw a metal storage container a safe distance away from the flames.


She was wise enough to dig a hole underneath it and place her nine babies safely inside.

After the flames died down, rescuers retrieved the pups from their safe haven.




Everyone seemed to be just fine, all thanks to Mom.


After locals caught wind of their amazing story…


There have been many offers to adopt both the pups and Blackie.


Who wouldn’t want to take this bundle of joy home?


That’s a face of relief if I ever saw one!


Glad everyone is accounted for!



Watch the incredible rescue here:


It really is amazing to see a community come together to help a mom in need after such a devastating event. It’s especially amazing since saving those puppies was a real team effort between Blackie and the rescuers. We hope all the puppies and Blackie have safe, long, and happy lives in their new forever homes.

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