When She Was Found, This Abandoned Dog Was Unrecognizable, But Wait Til The End

The good people at Hope for Paws received a call one day about a dog wandering near railroad tracks in Los Angeles. The organization’s founder, Eldad Hagar, teamed up with Jacqueline Artecona, and the two of them went out in search of the dog.

It didn’t take them long to find the poor dog huddled by the side of a fence. They also immediately noticed the cute creature’s large size. The pair were told that the dog would run away when anyone tried to come near it, so they had to be smart about their approach. While Jacqueline distracted the dog with food, Eldad managed to sneak up behind and get a leash around the dog’s neck. The poor guy couldn’t actually spot Eldad, since the fur around his face was severely overgrown and completely covered his eyes.

While Eldad and Jacqueline placed the Old English Sheepdog into the back of the car, they realized he was actually a she, and decided to call the loving dog Shayna.

This poor girl was able to be rescued thanks to the donations people generously give to Hope For Paws. If you’d like to help Shayna find a home, be sure to share her rescue story. If you’d like to help other dogs in need, support a local shelter or rescue organization like Hope for Paws (click here to visit their donations page). Let this heartwarming rescue video serve as an inspiration to you to help unfortunate animals get off the streets and live the lives they deserve.

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