When The Dog Got Out And Bolted For The WaterSlide They NEVER Expected This

It’s not yet summer, but dogs are already finding ways to beat the heat. They either go for a swim with their family, or get a cold a tasty treat. One dog was even clever enough to cool himself in a fountain when there was no swimming pool around.

Now this adorable Labrador named Milo saw that the human kids are having fun and beating the heat on their water slide. And who says that kids get to have all the fun? Of course Milo gets to join them! He even overtakes them going up the slide! Watch the adorable video below and see how much fun Milo is having slipping and sliding down the water slide!


Now wasn’t that fun?! Milo sure is having a blast!

FYI: to those who are worried that Milo’s nails might puncture the slide, there’s no need to worry. His owner says that he gets a weekly pedicure so his nails are clipped properly.

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