When Their 8 Dogs Approached This Mini Horse’s Fence, They Had No Idea This Would Happen

How do you exercise your dog? Most of us would go for a simple walk, or sometimes we take them for a run. I think most dogs would prefer to go to the dog park and play around with some of their friends. And there was even that one video showing a new way of exercising dogs–by making them chase after a remote control car!

But the herd of dogs in the video below have their own evening workout. These dogs race and run after a mini horse, and they’re having an awesome time! The mini horse is in the other side of the fence, but that doesn’t prevent the dogs from having a race with him! Check out the video below and see this herd of dogs racing a mini horse!

They are all so cute! I could watch them run around for hours! They’re definitely having a blast chasing that mini horse! And it’s good exercise for them too!

Does your dog have a creative way of getting some exercise? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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