When They Brought Abandoned Kittens Home They Never Thought Their Dog Would Do This

I’m so touched by this video and I dunno anyone else who wouldn’t be. This Dalmatian named Lady decides to be surrogate mom to 4 kittens who are being fostered by her owner. Look at how sweet and caring she is towards them! I love how she tries to squeeze herself even more towards them just so she can cuddle up to them and make them feel warm and secure. What a loving dog!

It’s so funny how popular belief has always maintained that dogs and cats are mortal enemies but I’ve watched a lot of videos which makes me think that that statement is a myth, especially since Lady is giving these kitties a lot of TLCs!

It’s always heartwarming to see how caring animals can be towards each other; more so when they care for another breed of animal, altogether. Share this heartwarming video and inspire someone today – oh what love can do!

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