When They Told Their Dog To “Come”, They Didn’t Expect This!

This Shiba Inu dog is not really feeling it today and so decided to hitch a ride on tortoise! Here you see him looking around and balancing on top of the tortoise. He must be looking for the Hare who lost the race to the slow and steady Tortoise in the children’s storybook. This Shiba Inu wanted to show off to Hare that anything is possible if you just use your smarts!

This adorable dog is really enjoying the ride while Tortoise purposefully moves forward like a battle tank. It is an unusual sight to see the duo making their way down the street as the tortoise is really out of its element. The sight is made special when the Shiba Inu rides on top of the tortoise as if he has been doing this for quite some time. We don’t see tortoises often enough and to see a dog on top is really one for the books!


We can call this the sequel to the Tortoise and the Hare, wherein the dog outsmarts the slow and steady. Everyday, we really do encounter something out of the ordinary and be amazed. What can we expect to see tomorrow?

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