When You Find Out What This Hero Service Dog Did For His Blind Owner…Wow


Would you jump in front of a car to save someone you love?

Right now, in upstate New York, a hero is recovering from a very scary accident. Figo, a trained service dog, took his job of protecting his owner, a blind woman named Audrey Stone, very seriously when he saved her from getting potentially killed by a school bus. While service dogs aren’t taught to jump in front of oncoming traffic to protect their owners, Figo knew that his owner was in serious danger…

When Figo saw the car coming, he did his best to take the majority of the blow.


He threw himself at the front of the mini school bus before it hit 62-year-old Stone head-on.


He kept trying to edge toward her despite his own injury, looking to make sure that he saved his owner.


When Stone was taken away in an ambulance, Figo seemed lost and confused.


While Stone suffered a fractured elbow and ankle, fractured ribs, and a blow to the head, all she could say at the scene of the accident was, “Where’s Figo?”

Figo was whisked away to the vet to have his injury wrapped and attended to…


And he’s doing just fine now.


Also, he’s getting all the media attention he deserves!


Figo just can’t wait to be reunited with his owner once she fully recovers from her injuries…


Which could have been much worse if he hadn’t thought fast and been so brave!

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