When You Find Out Who’s Training This Guide Dog, You’ll Be Shocked And Inspired

Have you ever considered who puts in the countless hours required to raise guide dogs? These pups ultimately go on to change a blind person’s life forever. It’s not an easy task to train the canines to be obedient, loyal, and incredibly alert, but someone has to do it. Their trainers must be patient, attentive, caring, diligent, and trustworthy.

Now tell me, does a prisoner fit that description? Before you answer that, watch this video…it’s going to change your mind.

At first, Leader Dogs for the Blind’s officials had understandable qualms about sending some of their sweet pups to a medium-to-high security prison for training.


But they gave it a try anyway.


The inmates care for the canines 24/7…


And as it turns out…


“Typically…prison-raised puppies have a higher chance of graduating than our puppies that are raised outside,” a member of Leader Dogs for the Blind commented.


Some of the inmates that participated in the program while serving their sentence have continued to work with the dogs when they get out.


…Proving that this program improves more than just the lives of the blind and the dogs leading them.


It helps the prisoners find new meaning in life, giving them a chance to give something back to society.


It’s truly inspiring.

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