When You Hear Why These Goldens Took A Plane Ride, You’ll Be A Puddle Of Tears

Recently, 26 golden retrievers flew from Istanbul, Turkey, to Atlanta, Georgia. Why such a long trip? Years ago, people in Istanbul viewed goldens as the ultimate status symbol, with their beautiful coats and well-mannered characters. But as more people took the dogs in, they were no longer the hip breed to have, so the locals began abandoning their pooches in the streets.

As the gentle, friendly dogs they are, the retrievers didn’t fight back when aggressive street dogs would attack them.

Adopt a Golden Atlanta got a tip from an American living in Turkey, telling them that these pups were struggling to survive on the streets. The organization took action immediately, and now 26 pooches have new, patriotic names, and are receiving the veterinary care they so desperately needed. Finding them homes won’t be a problem at all, since most golden retriever rescue centers in America have long wait lists.
Watch their whole story here:

While these guys have all made it safe and sound to the States, they still need your help to cover their medical expenses…after all, life on the streets isn’t easy! Especially when you’re too kindhearted to stand up for yourself.

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