When You See How Cute This Bulldog Puppy Is With His Mom, Your Heart Will Melt

Recent studies have shown that roly-poly puppies are among the top ten things on earth.* Sure, full-grown pups are adorable, but shrink them down and it ups their squishiness tenfold. Plus, their underdeveloped motor skills and tiny woofs and meows only add to their appeal.

This adorable Bulldog named Elvis was an only puppy born with a cleft lip. He’s had plenty of close care and attention, but now that he’s healthy and strong, you can really tell how (rightfully) spoiled he is!

*Recent studies refer to when I asked myself if puppies would make my top ten favorite things list.

What makes this even better is the patience with which momma Patches entertains Elvis’ shenanigans. Since Elvis is an only puppy, he’ll get as much attention as his mother wants to give him…what a lucky, spoiled little dog!

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