Where’d The Dog Go? Oh, She’s Just Hiding In That Giant Pile Of Leaves!

Don’t you just love autumn? It is my favorite time of the year and as we gather the falling leaves, it becomes Stella, the Labrador’s playground. Her daddy drops the ball in the pile of leaves for Stella to fetch and she does it with great enthusiasm. She dives and disappears into the pile of leaves and reappears with the ball in her mouth. Good job, Stella! In the video, an GoPro camera was strapped on her collar and it showed what it was like diving into a pile of leaves. Kinda makes me want to jump right in too!

Having outdoor activities with your pet is great way to create happy memories. Your kids will learn to be active and enjoy the surroundings with your dogs. The child’s laughter after seeing Stella in the giant pile of leaves was just priceless. Even keeping the yard clean of the fallen leaves becomes a playtime opportunity. So head on out and just enjoy the change in season. Pretty soon when the snow comes, it will be some time before Stella can enjoy her pile of leaves once more.


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