While Serving In Afghanistan, This Soldier’s Dog Went Missing. 5 Years Later She Gets A Call That Changes Everything.

Having our dogs gone missing is devastating. No words could explain the sadness and the worry that the dog owner goes through when his/her dog is nowhere to be found. So when an owner is reunited with her dog, all the emotions just come rushing–the relief and the happiness of finally bringing back home the beloved dog they’ve been missing.

After 5 years of having her dog gone missing, soldier Jessica Gutierrez thought she’d never see her dog ever again. Her dog, Cookies, was left under the care of her sister when she was placed on active duty in Afghanistan. Her sister lives in New Mexico, and while Jessica was overseas, Cookies went missing. And after 5 years, the family thought it was impossible for them to find their beloved dog. But unexpectedly, her dog was found in San Diego! Watch the video below to see their reunion!


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