White Shepherd Doesn’t Want To Play With little Kitten!

The funny video tells you the story of a one year old Navarro, a white Swiss Shepherd and an 8 weeks old Iben, a cute little kitten. Here, in this video, you will see how these two play with each other. The naughty little kitten is in a playful mood while the dog prefers to sleep lazily on the pillow. It seems to be quite comfortable on the pillow and the kitten seems to be disturbing it in every possible manner. It is cute and naughty and the dog also loves it.

Thefunny videoruns for 1 minute and 35 seconds and throughout the video, you will never see the kitten resting. They actually love each other’s company and thus, the dog is not hurting the small fellow with its moves. In one scene, the kitten bites the dog’s ears with its soft mouth and the dog is okay with it. The dog catches Iben with its mouth but does not hurt it in any way. At the end of the video, Navarro, the dog puts the kitten off the pillow and tries to sleep as comfortably, as possible. It is a cute encounter between the two and it is captured in a nice way.

[youtube id=”Gp1vY02i4AY”]

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