Who Can Resist Watching Puppies Experience Things For The First Time?! We Can’t!

Puppies are so adorable, they’re such a joy to watch–especially when they are about to experience things for the first time! I love how their heads will tilt to one side as if they’re thinking about what’s in front of them: friend or foe? Yummy or nasty? Who’s that pup over there? Oh, it’s meeee!

Everything’s new and wondrous for these pups, what an adventure! And the slide? I love how they stopped and backtracked at the last minute, probably thinking, “Holy Molly, that’s a loooong way down!” But you know, just like little kids, once they try anything and like it, they won’t stop going again and again… and again!

I’ve always enjoyed these amazing puppy videos and I’m sure you do too, so come on, share them with others and make their day brighter, too!

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