With 3 Inches Of Matted Fur, You Will Not Believe What This Dog Looks Like After Rescue

The Kris Kelly Foundation is a non-profit organization on a mission to save animals from abuse, slaughter, and neglect. Founded by Kris Kelly, the organization is taking an approach to not only work for animals but work for people also. Since she was a child, Kris Kelly have been yearning to have the elderly, animals, and children work together. And now she has made it all possible!

The video below is one of her rescues. They got a call from a family where a dog has been roaming the streets in the neighborhood. The dog went to their backyard where they fed him. After that, the dog was wandering around again. But when the dog came back, they fed him every day, and called The Kris Kelly Foundation to help the dog. When the rescuers arrived in the area, they saw the poor dog; his fur was matted 3 inches deep, and he had many infections. Watch them rescue the poor thing in the video below!

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