With Any Other Animal, This Chase Scene Might Be Terrifying, But This Is Adorable

One day while out for a swim, one man’s dedicated pack of dogs decided that where he goes, they go. And the result is the most darling school of swimmers we’ve ever seen. When he jumped in the water, this man’s 12 (yes, 12) golden retrievers seemed alarmed: what was their human doing splashing about in the water? Well, they seemed to collectively decide that they better go in after him and make sure he was not, in fact, drowning.


“Human, wait for us!”


Watch this overprotective pack here:

“Human, head back to land! These waters are treacherous!”


The human in such obvious peril here naturally made it back to land, where his devoted pack followed. The man in the video remains anonymous for now, but we are curious…how does one end up with 12 golden retrievers, and are there any more videos of their adorable antics?

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