With Many Shelters At Capacity, Family Shows How Crucial It Is To Foster Animals

Dakota Johnson may only be three years old, but her mother, Laura, says she is somewhat of a dog whisperer.

Her love for dogs comes from her parents, and together, they are helping shelter dogs find families, one foster at a time.

Like in many other parts of the country, animal shelters in Houston are reporting capacity issues and a decline in pet adoptions. Because of this, fostering these animals becomes even more crucial.

The Johnsons are doing what they can to fight this problem.

When the pandemic began, they started fostering shelter animals. The shelters cover medical expenses, food costs and other supplies, while the foster family provides their home, time, and lots of love for the animals.

Not only does fostering help the dogs adjust to life in a home outside of the shelter, but it also allows potential adopters to see the dogs’ personalities shine.

Dakota has had a very special bond with all of the dogs they’ve fostered.

“They all seem to be so connected to her,” her mother, Laura told KHOU 11. “And the little dogs and the big dogs will listen to her sometimes more than us. She’ll teach them how to sit, how to crate train them, and by the time they go to their new families, they’re all set and training for everything.”

All 12 of the shelter dogs that the Johnsons have fostered have found loving forever homes.

They will continue fostering more dogs and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Hear their story and learn more about fostering in the video below:

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