Woman Approaches Homeless Man And His Dog, Then He Reveals He’s Dying And Asks Her For A Favor

When Jenine-Lacette DShazer saw a sad-looking homeless man sitting in the cold with a dog in his arms, she couldn’t help but approach him.

She learned that his name was Clifford James Herbert and that his dog was called Baby. Then she learned their truly heartbreaking story.

Cliff, who used to work on a farm and have his own mechanic shop, became homeless after losing his job in 2006. Operations on his heart and throat left him incapable of working. He had cancer and had weeks to live. Cliff had rescued Baby from a cruel owner who beat her with a flashlight.

Together, they slept in the streets and kept each other warm.

The man couldn’t help but ask the curious stranger to grant his dying wish, which was to find Baby a new and loving home. Jenine-Lacette knew she had to help him, so she set up a GoFundMe page to get both of them off the street into a nice, warm shelter.

She also snapped a few heartbreaking photos of the duo as they struggled to survive.

She successfully found Baby a new home, and she now snuggles up with a family to call her own. She even has a sweet little girl by her side. For now, Cliff is staying in a motel.


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