Woman Bumps Into Her Ex In The Park — And Realizes Her Dog’s Not Over Him

Camila Perman and her ex-boyfriend had only dated briefly before parting ways amicably about a year and a half ago. While they were together, a significant event occurred in the lives of Perman and her family — they adopted an adorable dog named Gala.

Everyone immediately fell in love with the bouncy puppy, including Perman’s now-ex, and it was clear that the feeling was mutual. When Perman’s relationship ended, they remained on good terms. However, as time passed, their lives drifted apart, and Gala’s connection to Perman’s ex faded as well.

Months had gone by, but Perman recently discovered that Gala still had strong feelings for her ex-boyfriend. One evening, Perman was out on a walk with Gala in the park when they noticed another person walking towards them. Despite the limited visibility in the dimly lit park, Gala was able to recognize the person in the distance.

It was Perman’s ex — and Gala’s ongoing crush. Though they hadn’t seen each other in about 18 months, it was as if no time had passed at all. Gala excitedly approached Perman’s ex, and the video taken of their reunion shows the undeniable connection between the two.

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Gala looked ecstatic as Perman’s ex carried her in his arms, showing that the bond between them had not faded. While it is uncertain whether any sparks were rekindled between Perman and her former flame as a result of that chance encounter, Gala’s feelings were quite clear. The love and affection displayed by Gala could potentially bring them all back together.

When asked if she’d be open to future meetups with her ex — for Gala’s sake — Perman replied emphatically: “Yes, I think so.” This heartwarming story reminds us that bonds created between humans and animals can be strong and lasting, even when circumstances change.

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