Woman Calls Over Stranded Disheveled Stray Hoping He’ll Come To Her

While on a trip to Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, a woman was surprised to see a dog running around. The pup had a coat that was so overgrown and dirty that he barely looked like a dog at all. She called out to him as he ran by and then retreated. She called out again, and the dog hesitantly stood nearby. Finally, the disheveled dog cautiously approached when the woman opened her car door and let her own dog, Watermelon, out to say, “Hi.” She hoped that seeing Watermelon would put the stray at ease.

Curious about Watermelon, the stray hung around and that’s when the woman decided to keep the dog and care for him. They traveled together, and after grooming and feeding him, the once ‘pitiful’ dog, now named Chusan, transformed. They went to visit an ancient glacier to take beautiful photos. Chusan loved it!

They drove 3,000 kilometers back to the woman’s house. Chusan settled in and became a lively, happy family member. His infectious smile and newfound joy illustrated the transformative power of love. Chusan’s integration into the family included summer swims and close bonds with his sister and mom.

Chusan is now a well-adjusted family member. He’s lovingly protective of his sister Watermelon at the dog park. He also enjoys eating all types of fruits and vegetables. The pup’s new life is ‘pawfect,’ thanks to the kind woman and her beloved dog, Watermelon. Play the video below to see Chusan’s rescue and makeover. The outcome is incredible!

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