Woman comforted dog who was ‘broken beyond earthly repair’

A dog, “broken beyond earthly repair,” was provided with love and comfort in his final moments by a woman who found him grievously injured, and unable to move, in a ditch. The dog, given the name Neo after his death, knew the touch of kindness before his injuries claimed his life.

The sad tale of Neo’s final moments were shared publicly by Katie Flowers, who recounted the sad story in a public Facebook post. Flowers revealed how fate led her to the injured and neglected dog:

I don’t know how I saw you in that ditch on my way to work, but I’m so glad that I did. I turned my car around to get you. You were skinny, covered in dirt and ticks. You whined at me, licked my hand, tried to stand up. But you couldn’t. Your back legs wouldn’t work.

Flowers managed to drag Neo from the ditch and she carefully loaded him into her car for a rushed trip to an emergency veterinarian. She wrote:

I kept my hand on you the whole way so you knew you weren’t alone. I gave you some water, and you drank the whole bottle. How long had you been alone in that ditch without anything to eat or drink?

As Flowers waited for the veterinarian, she stroked Neo’s head…telling him that everything would be okay. But the damage was too severe – an exam revealed that the dog had a broken back and internal injuries. There were no options beyond humane euthanasia.

Flowers wrote:

I stroked your fur while they put you to sleep, and I cried when you took your last breath. I don’t know if you ever knew love before today. I hope that you did. But even if you didn’t, I hope you know that you were so loved in your last moments. You mattered to someone. And I’ll carry you with me forever.

You didn’t die alone today.

Did Neo know love before Flowers found him? Was anyone ever his loving owner? Nobody came forward after Flowers shared his story – so she gave him a name to be remembered by. She wrote:

Everyone, this is Neo. Greek for “new”. When I found him he was broken beyond earthly repair. But when he arrived at that Rainbow Bridge, he was made new. That’s how I want him to be remembered ♥️

Rest in peace Neo and bless you for your kindness Katie.

(Image of Neo via Facebook/Katie Flowers)

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