A woman crashed her car and thought of the worst but God sent an unlikely hero for her rescue

A woman had a horrible accident and she was in some deep trouble and had lost all hope when an unlikely hero arrived for help. To add to the worse, it was a heavily wooded area where her car was tumbled backward down and she had lost control on the curve. Shannon Lorio is the name of that unfortunate woman who was in agonizing pain and was thrown onto the trunk when a wayward dog found her.

Shannon says that the dog saved her life because he just wouldn’t stay in his backyard. The dog approached her, pulled her by her shirt’s collar and started to drag her and let her lean against him. In this way, she was able to flag a passing motorist and his previous owners have already signed him over to Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society because he just cannot stay at home. However, the dog has got a new name: Hero and there are over 50 applicants willing to adopt him.

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