Woman Ends Up Rescuing a Dog She Intended to Buy for Her Family

Kelly Benzel was looking for a dog to add to the family, and was thinking that would be an excellent gift for her family for the holidays. She was on the internet, and on a social media site she came across Rocco, and fell in love. Little did she know that by bringing him home, she was saving his life.


“My heart broke because he’s a white dog and he looks very dingy and obviously didn’t look cared for,” Benzel said.

She went out and got him on Thanksgiving Day, and after being in the car with Rocco for just a few minuites, she could tell something was wrong.  There was a horrible smell coming off or Rocco.  She removed the strap of a harness that he was wearing to reveal a horrible gash that was over six inches long, and about one-and-a-half inch deep.

Thanksgiving night, Benzel drove Rocco to the animal hospital.  A vet there cleaned up his wound, and put some proper bandages on.  Rocco will be cared for there every day for the next few weeks.  The damage done to him will require constant cleaning and care if it is to heal for him at all.  Once the infection heals up, a doctor can stitch him closed and he’ll eventually be right as rain.

One of Benzel’s friends started a GoFundMe page for Rocco, and so far they have raised over $1,500 to go towards his care.  In fact, as of the time of this article, the goal has been met, and thanks to all of the really wonderful people that donated, Rocco will be making a full recovery.

Benzel has reported the person that she got Rocco from to the police, and so far there is no word from them on the case, other than they are making a full investigation.  Benzel wasn’t interested in starting any trouble, but she does want to make sure that this person is stopped from hurting any dog in the future.  If there’s any more information, we’ll be sure to bring it to you right here on Life With Dogs.

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