Woman Fakes Injury To Save Stray Dog

How far will you go just to rescue a dog? When you see a stray dog, how much time can you spare to make sure the dog is rescued? Just recently, we featured a video of a lady who took her time and waited patiently to earn a dog’s trust to rescue the poor dog. It took her a while, but it was worth it.

Here we have another woman who did everything she could just to earn the dog’s trust. Her name is Amanda. Amanda even got down on the ground in a fetal position and waited for the dog to get comfortable with her.


Amanda knew about the stray dog when she was tagged in a post about a dog up at Evan’s Creek, an off-roading-vehicle park. The poor dog was emaciated. It was night time when Amanda and her friend Dylan drove to the area to help the dog. They found him sitting by the roadside. They tried to coax him with some food, but that didn’t get them very far.


They then went back to town to get more food. When they returned the next day, they were more prepared. And they found the dog on the same spot. They named the dog Bear. But even with more food, they can’t seem to get near him. So Amanda got down on the ground in a fetal position.


Amanda crawled to Bear, and when she got nearer, Bear growled at first. Amanda made a whimpering, yawning sound- a calming signal. Then she drew nearer until she was right next to him. Then Bear began to cuddle with her.


After hours of trying to get close to Bear, he finally let her pet him. And after two hours of petting him, Bear allowed her to slip a lead on him.


Amanda then carried Bear to the truck, and took him to the vet, where they snuggled together. Bear finally got the medical attention that he needed.


They are still looking for Bear’s family. And if no one comes after 30 days, they will find him a loving forever home.

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