Woman Finally Realizes Why Her Adopted Dog Has Been Ignoring Her – He Only Knows Spanish

Communication is key in any relationship, especially the ones we have with our pets.

While some dogs are stubborn and have selective hearing, an adopted dog named Max was not listening to commands because he didn’t understand what his new humans were saying.

Kalee McGee adopted the 4-year-old male Chihuahua a few weeks ago, but just realized he only understands Spanish. Her hilarious revelation was revealed on TikTok and the video has gone viral with over a million views.

Kalee described Max as “absolutely adorable” and “super great”, but he didn’t listen to a thing she said.

For weeks she wondered why her well-behaved pup simply ignored her when she asked him to “come” or “sit”. He was a perfect gentleman on the leash, understood what a crate was, but only sat when she had a treat in her hand.

“It seems he has some training, but he won’t listen to us,” explained Kalee.

Then the aha moment occurred.

“We figured it out…he only speaks Spanish.”

At this point I laughed out loud and apparently so did Max’s mom.

It was discovered while Kalee and her partner were joking around by saying the command “sit” in different languages. They were blown away when they said it in Spanish and he immediately sat.

“I died when I found out…I have to show you,” stated Kalee.

She then turned the camera on Max and demonstrated by first asking him to come in English, which he ignored, and then in Spanish. He promptly came over to her and then sat when asked in the language he understood.

The devoted dog mom has learned a few basic commands in Spanish, thanks to Google translate. Max’s tail starts to wag uncontrollably when she says “buen chico” (good boy). She wanted to see what commands Max knew so she asked her followers for help.

People not only enjoyed watching her video but offered suggestions. One person wrote, ‘Tell him “habla” or “canta”, that means speak or sing.’

Another person commented, “The thought of a person learning a new language for their new pup literally has me tearing up rn (right now).”

Check out the hilarious video below and don’t forget to share!

Kalee has since posted more videos of Max and said he apparently knows “kiss”, “up”, “let’s go”, and “stop”, in Spanish of course.

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