Woman Goes Above & Beyond To Help Her Paralyzed Dog Walk Again

A three-year-old Pomeranian, named Nimbus, was left paralyzed and unable to walk after an accident, but he never lost hope.

Neither did his owner digital content creator Ashley Yi. Yi documented his entire rehabilitation journey online, where millions followed along with his progress.

Nimbus became paralyzed after he tried jumping up on the top of the couch and slipped and fell off.

Yi immediately tended to her furbaby, who was crawling around the couch with his hind legs dragging behind.

“My heart stopped, my world immediately crashed,” Yi recalled feeling in that terrifying moment. “Nothing mattered.”

Nothing except for getting Nimbus better of course.

Yi rushed him to the animal hospital and met with Dr. Melissa Andruzzi, a veterinary neurologist, who diagnosed him with fibrocartilaginous embolism (FBE). FBE is basically a stroke to the spinal cord, which is what left Nimbus paralyzed.

Despite his condition, Yi refused to give up on him, and Nimbus refused to give up on himself as well.

“The number one rule for his recovery was I never wanted him to see me cry, because I wanted his spirits to be up,” Yi said.

Nimbus began physical therapy, underwater treadmill therapy, acupuncture, cold and heat laser therapy, and massages.

At home, Yi would do little exercises with him to keep him moving, yet making sure his muscles wouldn’t get too sore.

“I did everything under the sun,” she said. “I’ll stop at nothing for these little legs to work.”

A few weeks after his accident, Yi says that miracles began to happen.

His old self started coming back, his spirits were lifted, and one day he slowly began walking again!

Not only was Nimbus walking again, he was running like the wind!

Today, Nimbus is back to full health and better than ever, thanks to his owner’s dedication to getting him to walk again, and of course to his doctors who helped him heal.

Watch his journey in the video below:

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