This Woman Goes to a Known “Dumping Ground” for Dogs, and Rescues Every One She Sees

Animal dumping grounds are a sad fact of life in this world today. Some people are just too cruel for words. However, this is NOT a story about those heartless bastards at all. This is about one woman who is trying to change this terrible reality for as many dogs as she possibly can.

Many of the dogs are clearly not in the best of shape. They get dumped off for many reasons. Some people just don’t want to take care of them, some of them have medical problems that someone decided was just too much to deal with. The reasons don’t matter to this woman, as she shows up every single day without fail.

The number of dogs goes up day by day, but it’s easy to see the dog’s appreciation for what she’s doing for them. Many of them get a shot of a really great life with a loving family, which wouldn’t happen at all if not for her tireless efforts. It is because of people like this woman, we still hold out a little bit of hope for humanity overall.

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