Woman Heads To The Shelter To Adopt A Cat, Brings Home A Dog Instead

When Imgur user   headed to her local shelter, she had every intention to adopt a cat. She already had two others at home, and was planning to bring home a third to befriend her other felines.

They arrived at the shelter, and as luck would have it, there were no cats there that day. So, she figured that since they were there, they should look at the dogs…

“I was looking for a cat that day but there were none (zero cats in the whole shelter!) So I thought, ‘hey, I drove out here… let’s look at dogs then,’” she wrote.

That’s when one floppy-eared pooch caught her eye. He was so excited to get a visitor, he started showing off his happy-go-lucky personality.

“He wouldn’t sit still for a proper picture.”

The Imgur user went home that night, but still, she couldn’t get the pup out of her head. She tried to convince herself, as well as her husband, that she was not in the market for a dog…

“I couldn’t stop thinking about him, even after reassuring my husband that I did not want a dog.”

Over the next couple of days, she visited his online profile again and again, looking at the pup’s picture and into those soulful brown eyes.

“Here is the picture he had listed on the FB page for the shelter. I looked at this picture a lot over the two days it took me to make a decision.”

After lots of consideration, this animal lover decided to go back to the shelter and take her pooch home. Just look at that sweet face!

“And here he is coming home for good ❤ I’m not allowed to go to shelters anymore ????”

Sometimes, things just work out differently that we expect! We wish the best of luck to this family and their new furry addition.

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