Woman Knits Homeless Greyhounds Clothes So They Don’t Get Cold

Several years ago, an avid knitter put her talents towards helping homeless dogs who needed a bit of extra warmth to get through the cold winters in Britain.

Jan Brown, also known as “Knitty Jan”, has spent countless hours knitting warm clothing for rescue Greyhounds (over 4000 hours and counting). Jan knits wooly caps and sweaters to help Greyhounds at dog rescues throughout the United Kingdom stay warm.

“Greyhounds have very thin fur so they really feel the cold during the winter so my gifts help keep them warm during walks,” Brown told the Metro. Although the dogs aren’t used to wearing hats, the knit wear keep their ears warm and they get used to wearing them.

Jan began knitting the coats in 2008 to raise money and awareness for Greyhound rescues such as Greyhound Rescue Northeast shelter in Tyne & Wear.

The knits became so popular and she launched a website, Knitted With Love, back in 2015 to sell knits to dog owners around the world.

Presently, she still does knit sweaters for dog charities, but she is no longer accepting orders, according to her Knitted With Love Facebook page. However, her coats continue to go to needy Greyhounds. She recently shared pictures of rescued Greyhounds in China wearing her coats.


Brown said she can’t think of anything she would rather do that knit woolly clothing for the rescue dogs and to see those dogs without homes cosy in their own jumpers. Said Jan, “There are so many dogs that won’t be rehomed this Christmas so for many of them it’s the only gift they will get.”

What a thoughtful gesture for a wonderful dog breed! Greyhound Rescue Northeast is currently looking for foster families. Visit their Facebook page for details on how you can help.

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