Woman Living 2,000 Miles Away Saves Injured Terrier Hit By Car

Laura took one look at Sophie’s picture and knew she had to save her. But how? She lived in Nashville, Tennessee, and Sophie was in Downey, California over 2,000 miles away!

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Full Story:
There are incredible people living among us. People who are truly selfless and have a passion for animals. Laura is one such person.

Laura who lives in Nashville, Tennessee was reading a story online about a small terrier that was hit by a car in Downey, California and left to die in the gutter when a Good Samaritan picked her up and took her to the animal shelter. Sophie was in bad shape. She had multiple pelvis fractures – she was in pain and unable to walk. Knowing that her time was limited and euthanasia was quickly becoming a reality at the understaffed and underfunded animal shelter, Laura started a mission to save her.

For days Laura called, emailed, faxed over 50 animal rescues in California pleading for assistance. Not one rescue responded. Why would they when the medical care for Sophie alone would cost thousands? Many rescues themselves are consistently overwhelmed and underfunded.

But one rescue saw Laura’s cry for help and did call back – Abandoned Terrier Rescue Association. Janet located in California went to pick up Sophie and rushed her to the Santa Margarita Animal Care Center in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. Sophie immediately went into surgery to repair her crushed pelvis.

Within weeks post-op, Sophie is not only walking – she’s running. And Janet, the woman who pulled Sophie from the shelter, fostered her, ended up being her mom too.

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