Woman Looking At The Sky Is Shocked To See An Adorable Cloud Dog

Not something you see every day.

Melissa Lanham was appreciating the weather near her home in Kentucky when she spotted something beautiful on the horizon…

A pup in the sky

There, stood on what appeared to be its hind legs was a giant, distinctly puppy-shaped cloud.

I was sitting on my porch and happened to look over toward the barn and said, ‘OMG. That looks like a dog!’” Lanham told The Dodo.

The pup which looked liked it was poised to catch a ball or a treat; looked very similar to a small Yorkshire terrier, with the fluffy nature of the cloud adding to its likeness

I grabbed my phone and started snapping,” Lanham said. “I was like, ‘That’s so cool. I gotta share this on social media.’ It’s just not something you see every day.

Luckily Lanham managed to catch the photo when she did because the cloud soon began to dissipate

Didn’t take long for the cloud to do a different formation,” Lanham said. “So I was at the right place at the right time.

People reacted to Lanham’s post by telling similar stories about their pets:

We at Woof Woof wanted to know if emotionally-stressed people were more likely to see their pet’s faces in unlikely places.

According to professor Lee from the University of Toronto, he doesn’t know of any scientific study about whether traumatic or emotional experiences make people more likely to see faces where there aren’t any. However, he added that this could be a future line of study.

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