Woman Opens Retirement Home for Senior Dogs

The sad truth for many dogs is that when they get older, they are often abandoned at shelters or left with no place to go when their owners die or go to nursing homes.  But there are many kind-hearted people in the world, like the people at House with a Heart, a retirement home for dogs.


“We have dogs come to live with us until the end of their life, and we make sure that the end of their life is full of love and caring, lots of attention, and we make sure they get all the medical care they need,” said Sher Polvinale, director of House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary.


In 2006, she and her (late) husband Joe began a sanctuary for senior pets in the Gaithersburg, Maryland home.  Anywhere from 20 to 40 dogs who otherwise might be euthanized find themselves in a loving home with lots of others they form new bonds with.


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